Posted by: mrrx | November 30, 2004

Fine Antique Rings

Hatereaper : 75% XP. Started out ready to practice spells all night, but put LFG on anyway to see what would happen, and got a good group going in the Overthere. It was quick destruction all over again, and in a short amount of time I was much more XP richer. The pulls were easy and we made huge trains, similar to fighting in Dawnshroud against the tribals.

Then one of the guys tells me what to do with the cockatrice beaks we were getting – do an easy quest in the Plane of Knowledge to give you a Mana Preservation II ring. Jeez-o-Pete, I never knew this quest was this easy ! Just hand in four easy items and you get it. Well, I now have beaks for 1)Hatereaper, 2)Woundbane, 3)Bloodskull, 4)Littleoak, and 5)Plasmatic. Tonight need to see if I can get High Quality Cougarskins, then two other easy items.

Woundbane : One of my EQ friends is starting a guild, so I removed Woundbane from my dead guild, and got him into the new one. This now makes it (3) guilds which I have characters in; Bizharre the trader in one, Hatereaper & Hammer in a second, and Woundbane in a third. That's just a bit crazy. I think I'm going to try and get Bizharre into Hammer's guild and finally cut my ties with the people who are never on anymore.

Bloodskull :40% XP or so. Fought for a few minutes at camp 2; was going to solo but they were pulling trains of fiends into the camp. And I do mean trains; they got like 12 of them at a time and we bashed them into Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh.

Then I hooked up with a real-life friend who I turned on to EQ. She's still just getting started, but I gave her a few things and messed around a bit with her in Qeynos showing her how to work the interface. That was cool.


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