Posted by: mrrx | November 27, 2004

Working down faction

Hatereaper : Ding 33, 34, then 35, 25% XP. Spent a lot of time on this guy and have a lot to show for it. Most of this XP is soloing in the Dawnshroud Peaks, just pull a tribal and bash him to death. Still getting amazing XP doing this, at least 1% per kill and occasionally 2%. At least at level 35 saw an occasional white con as well, so I bet he can stay here until 40. Trying to get him to 40 and therefore have a better spread among characters.

What I’m thinking of doing is having Hammer be the highest as he’s the main. Have another character below him, maybe 5-10 levels, and from there have a five level gap from one character to another. So I might have 40, 35, 30, 25, 20. I’d be ready for almost any group possibility with that spread.

Looted a metric ton of acrylia, sold a lot of it, but still have a bunch in my mule’s trader bags. I may actually fill up the bags, which would be cool; just store the excess in my trader’s bank. Got a few gear upgrades – concentrated on getting rid of junk like my Cloth Veil, and believe I have useful gear in every slot except his neck. Couldn’t get interested in any of the neck pieces available.

Also grouped with guildies for awhile in Dreadlands, and enjoyed that quite a bit. We stood at the north side of Karnor’s Castle and pulled things wandering around it. The loot was OK (bonus: Spider Silks!) and it was nice to actually group again for once; we were 2 Shadowknights, 2 clerics, and an enchanter.

Now the roleplay continues to be best with this guy. One thing I’m working on is making as many factions as possible maximum negative; to correspond with people hating him. The tribals have a faction and I keep working that downwards; to my surprise it’s not yet maxed. There’s also factions to anger in Dreadlands, so that may be the next best place for him to go.

Got some new spells. Have a spell that directly gives hate, to help you keep aggro. Don’t exactly need that for soloing or off-tanking, but might need it later. Also got the first of his “Spear” spells, which cast very fast but take a long time to recast. And it’s time to max out his Divination skill. Wanted to run to Dreadlands invisibly, but couldn’t get the spell to cast, it just fizzled every time. This is after 25 attempts. So think I’ll have him stand and cast in PoK again tonight .

Hammerbreaker : 12% XP. Two short groups, in Plane of Justice, and Disease. Spent some time outside of Mauvin’s room in a pickup group, and got an awesome loot item – Raw Diamond. Sold it to a vendor for 177 plat or so. Oooooo. Went with some guildies to Plane of Disease and stood by one of the walls, and took out various rats and bugs. I don’t really like Disease, not at my level at least, it might get more interesting later. Innovation just rocks; Justice is fun too.

Bloodskull : Ding 19, 20, 10% XP. Fighting away in Paludal again, but not in a bandit camp. This guy is supposed to be my soloer right? So he’s soloed, by wandering the caverns and taking out the various fiends. It’s just as well, the camps were full again and cries of “C1 is camped!” rang out constantly anyway.

I’m trying to stick to the strategy of “All your bars are equal” – I let the pet tank for stretches, then I wade in and fight, and cast spells, keeping all my bars at about the same level. Too little health ? Back off, let Teddy tank, and heal him. Too little mana? Quit casting and wade in and slice it up. Mainly I’m hitting them with my nuke and meleeing everything to death.


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