Posted by: mrrx | November 23, 2004

Dual Wielding

Bloodskull : Ding 17, then 18. 40% XP.

Stood on the shores of Lake #2 in Paludal, and pulled one fiend after another, for absolutely awesome XP. Got a full level, and a little bit more, before his Temperance finally ran out.

Since at level 17 he gets dual wield, I ran him out to the PoK to get trained, and spent some time selling and shuffling things around in his bank. Now using two ulaks to attack with; need to get good ones. Got a new temperance and assorted shaman buffs, and ran back in to Paludal, this time to take on the bandits.

It didn’t work too well when I was alone. Went after a lone bandit by the lake, he ran at 20%, and got three more bandits on me. Both Bloodskull and Teddy survived, but just barely. Sat and healed up, then went and stood in the middle of an empty camp #1. Hooked up with another beastlord and we fought for long enough to gain another level before I logged off for the night.


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