Posted by: mrrx | November 22, 2004

Hating again

Hammerbreaker : Ding 53. Got two good groups in the Plane of Innovation. Pulled one after the other, and reduced everything to scrap. Got a nice tip from someone – sell mana batteries in the bazaar. Who knew? Not me at least. Even though it got pretty late, the last group stayed and pulled another ten or so, so that I could get my level. Nice folks, hope I see them again.

The strange thing was the kiters. There was a bard and a beastlord both trying to kite mobs right around us at the zone in. I thought it was impolite at best and downright dangerous to us at worst, and we did get three adds once after one of them zoned due to being overwhelmed.

Picked up a lot of strange things, have to sell them and see what I get. Well, maybe after another group or two.

Hatereaper : Ding 32, then 33. Went to the tribals camp, right in front of the Grieg’s End zone once again. Some guy just got there, a 25ish cleric with some high-level druid help, and I got into a group with them.

This session was an absolute blast. I was the puller and brought absolute metric tons of mobs back to the camp. We typically fought 4-5 of them at once, and sometimes as many as 12. At some point we added two other group members and just destroyed all the incoming.

We got trained three times by people escaping to Grieg’s End. The first one was about 2-3 mobs and we laughed it off, told the guy he basically pulled for us and thanks; he was apologetic even though there was no need. Second time was a lot of work, dangerous but fun, and we all sat down to recover; the trainer just left us to our fate, not a nice guy. Then I see a halfling leading another train our way – this one wasted us. Our druid disappeared, I never did find out what happened to him. Our cleric, myself, and our wizard all got killed. Even worse our interference allowed the trainer to gate out, I saw him alive & well right after I got killed – jerk. I was able to get a nice guildy to rez us, and we lost our two added to the group. Which left me and a nice if uncommunicative cleric, and my guildy level 65 cleric.

We took down three more mobs and I got my level 33, and seeing as it was extremely late I logged off. When I came back, I had tons of Acrylia on me, and made the long slow trek to the PoK to deposit this in my trader, and make my other sales. Almost got killed by a rockhopper on the way out; I led it to two guys who were farming them (or did I train THEM ? ). Made my way back to the camp spot once again, and as no groups were available I logged off.

After this session, this makes Hatereaper my primary alt, second highest in level.

Plasmatic : Ding 13. Stood in my favorite tunnel in Paludal and pulled the two beetles at the bottom of it. Over, and over, and over again. They typically popped a little before I had full mana again. Pull one, nuke & melee, sit and med, repeat. Did this until my temp faded, then sold and got buffs; he’s ready to return for better leveling. With a clarity that should reduce his downtime quite a bit.

Misdirector :Ding 4. Still going through Gloomingdeep, don’t want to move him to Paludal until he’s 5.


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