Posted by: mrrx | November 17, 2004

First Flag !

Hammerbreaker : About 25% XP. What a night.

The minute after I log on, I’m in the Plane of Knowledge and notice a pickup raid forming in the Plane of Disease. This is one of the flags needed to access other planes; apparently it’s needed to get to Crypt of Decay. You have to kill Grummus, a raid level creature, and do a little quest related to that.

Well I got into the raid, just barely, and we moved out. What a crazy experience – I believe there were 72 people there. Our group had no cleric, nor druid, so I had very hard time getting any buffs, and staying alive. Got aggro halfway through the raid somehow while we were fighting our way in – and died. I must have procced with my Copper Hammer a couple of times. Got rezzed and continued on.

The final fight was really cool, everyone dog-piling on this big scummy looking creature. I did not get aggro, but watched my health poof slowly from DOTS, and the final one just overwhelmed me. Right after we get Grummus I died, and got a quick rez.

Next everyone is standing around waiting for the signal to hail the “Planar Projection”. To get the flag, which is what many of us came for, you have to hail this thing, nothing else really matters. But after it is hailed it disappears really quickly so it’s important that everyone is ready. Finally we got the signal and moved in and hailed it. And I got my first flag, yahooo!

Unlike the Behemoth raid I got no noticeable experience; 96% rezzes and raid experience seemed to cancel each other out. No loot either; those who got flags were considered ineligible.

So what’s next ? Well, I had to complete the flagging procedure, so I zoned out, bounced around a bit, and eventually finished it. There is a Seer in the Plane of Knowledge, and this NPC will help guide you through the steps needed to finish up your flag. I ran back and forth for half an hour or more, and ultimately completed the flag.

Next, I went to see the dwarf in the Plane of Knowledge. I got a nice item for my charm slot, for free; a free alternate advance which I spent on regeneration; and something useful I can put my Adventurer’s stone in (with it’s uber +3 HP).

Finally, noticed a guildie was in Plane of Innovation grinding out XP so tried to join him. By the time I got there he filled the spot, but got into another group instead. Scored by getting a mana battery, silicorrosive grease, and one of those XP quest items. We did OK on the XP but had to zone twice, due to double pulls. Either our puller didn’t listen (nor did I) to low mana reports, or our cleric didn’t tell us strongly enough, but he was out of mana both times. Bah.

Things to do tonight :
Voris Flatblade in East Commonlands sells disciplines – buy new ones.
Put Adventurer stone into my planar charm (Go to Butcherblock).


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