Posted by: mrrx | November 14, 2004

Blown Raid

Hammerbreaker : 80% XP. Did one group in the mines of Nurga, a goblin-infested dungeon with lots of nice drops in Kunark. There’s a trap door you have to run through, then you get to rooms with some very nice stuff. We did this basically for experience as nothing good dropped while we were there.

We left after getting a ton of mobs and I stayed behind to cover the retreat. I almost made it back out even with a horde of red goblins chasing me, except for one fatal mistake ; they didn’t tell me you can’t get out the way you came in. I stood in the dead-end room and died swinging, but got rezzed and ready to play another day.

Then came the coolest thing I’ve done in EQ lately – a pickup raid.

Target was the Manataeic Behemoth, in the Plane of Innovation. If you are part of the raid that takes this guy down, you gain access to another plane, Tactics. This is part of the natural progression for a warrior who wants his epic as well, so I was very glad to be part of this thing. We stood around for 30-45 minutes as the groups gathered.

Then we were off. We entered the factory after one person who had the key unlocked the door. The factory is kind of interesting, but I didn’t do much sightseeing for obvious reasons. It’s cool wasting the mobs on the way, it’s just a gigantic pile of people on one poor machine each time. We arrived at the door to the Behemoth’s room, and were told the strategy.

Now it turns out there are two doors into the things room. Spiders will walk up into the room and feed it power. You have to keep any spiders from entering the room in order to wake the thing up (Ie, nobody can target it). If any enter while you’re fighting it they will explode and kill anyone nearby. Our mistake was covering only one door instead of both.

I stood on one end (corner) of the corridor, along with the raid leader, and whacked spiders for maybe an hour. We kept hoping if we killed enough then it would be possible to engage the main target, and it didn’t happen. After it got too late the raid broke up; I hope he starts another one and I can get into it some other day.

Good strategy : 8 groups or more. One group in each corner, to kill all entering spiders. Two groups (or more) in the middle next to the doors, on either side. Middle groups assist if there’s any trouble taking down spiders; after the main target is available they run on to the attack. Nobody enters the room other than the main tank; they’ll probably get wasted. Take down the target by spell DPS and ranger and other range attacks. Healers use quick heals on the main tank, with nearly everyone healing all at once.

We were prepped to do this but missed half the entrances. So close, so very close, to a victorious raid. Ah well, next time.

Littleoak : Ding 23, 40% XP. Another bandit camp group and soloing the fiends inside Paludal. Slowly grinding away, though it’s clear that he is a very effective soloer. With a Clarity he can go very quickly through anything.


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