Posted by: mrrx | November 12, 2004

Planar Progression, and Paludal

Hammerbreaker : 60% XP. Grouped in the Plane of Justice, and did the first step to progress in the Planes of Power. Inside the Plane of Justice is an NPC named Mauvin, who you need to hail and agree to plead his case with the judges in Justice. When you do plead his case, it’s a really tough fight for a single group only. Now at least I’m ready if I can get a group who wants to do this fight, and afterwards I’m able to get to another one of the planes.

To get to Mauvin you have to move through the zone towards the jail. All mobs in there are KOS, unlike most of the zone where you can walk around freely. We killed our way all the way to the back, after entering a room with maybe 16 creatures which we had to clear out first. Much fun and good XP.

Littleoak : Ding 21 (with one kill) and ding 22. 50% XP. Got a couple of bandit camp groups, and in between had him sell lots of loot. He should be ready for his new spells at 24, at least monetarily. Won’t take much more grouping for him to get out of Paludal so I’m thinking I want to do this soon.

Supposedly druids are solo characters, and I can see where he’d do well by himself. It seems to work really well though, being a minor healer, and giving every fighter a thorns spell. The mobs beat themselves up on the thorns, I heal small amounts, and we are an efficient killing machine. Either way, I hope I can be a druid on Luclin and call lightning from the sky; if so I’ll head him out to Marus Seru or Dawnshroud soon.

Bloodskull : Ding 15, then 16. After he shook the dust off I had ol Bloody camp the fungal fiends at lake #2. Invested enough time to get him to level, and then ran off to buy spells.

His new spells make him a lot more interesting. Now he has a low-power nuke; do “low-power”, and “nuke”, go together? Well, it’s ranged damage, and it makes it much easier to pull mobs with one like that. Also got a DOT but it’s not much use, only 1 pt per tick. Some new buffs and basic resist spells too.

His new pet is great – it chews the mobs up quickly, and not only that, I also got a spell which gives him a proc (random spell) for lightning. We made short work of the fiends once he returned, with a little help from a temp in the PoK. Before I was taking out maybe three mobs before they would start to repop; a little slow. Now he can take down six! Talk about your fast experience!

He gets dual wield at 17 I believe, time to get him up and get that skill. It seems pretty dumb to me to have this guy with a martial weapon in one hand, and a shield in the other. Then off for another trip to the bazaar and a second nice hand-to-hand weapon.

It was an absolute blast playing this guy with his new spells. Now I can’t wait to get him to 22 and see what his new spells are. He has the added benefit of being a soloer who I can play or stop at almost any time; the only downside being that if I log off, the pet disappears after 30 minutes, along with any buffs or magician toys on it. With so many characters apparently very group dependent, Bloodskull and Littleoak are a nice change of pace.


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