Posted by: mrrx | November 10, 2004

Planar knowledge

Hammerbreaker :40% XP. Got another Plane of Innovation group and commenced destroying. I played both main tank, and DPS (This is “Damage Per Second”, ie, my job is simply to reduce the creature’s hit points.) at different times. Our cleric got the disassembled servo this time, but I picked up some interesting junk including a lore neck item abandoned by another group. Nice people I was grouping with, including a member of Fusion, one of Tunare’s uber raid guilds.

For DPS I use my Copper Hammer of Striking (Fast plus a couple-hundred point damage proc), and Disemboweler (Best ratio of all my weapons). For tanking the Copper Hammer, and the Bloodguard Wand of Walking Dead (Nice AC, procs Guard, pretty fast). Two handers are the Weighty Polearm, and Steel Rod of the Knight, in case I run into mobs that enrage or I’m stealing aggro.

Now I’ve explored four of the planes – Innovation, Justice, Nightmare, and Disease.

Plane of Disease opens into this huge cavern with a big green disgusting lake down below. There were a few people in here but nobody picked me up for a group. The entrance was not hard to find – a big tube oozing black junk.

Plane of Nightmare zones you into a little forest with a house or somesuch building nearby. I didn’t really look around much. This was the hardest entrance to find, but it’s in the middle of a cluster of buildings south of the PoK book.

Plane of Justice looks pretty interesting, I’d love to get a group here. It’s a cellblock with an arena in the center. Apparently you can kill the guards, rats, and prisoners if you do it the right way. Saw people in here but they were just inside for a short time & didn’t want to group; there was also the sole ranger sitting there foraging. Finding the exit was a bit tricky, but once found is easy to get to, and is apparently the place where a group should set up camp. A big set of scales southeast of PoK book brings you in.

Hatereaper : 73% XP. Another Tribals group in Dawnshroud; time to sell & regroup once he logs in again. God, I love killing those stupid monkeys and taking their stuff. Hate me you little jerks !

Pickup groups are often very bad about loot distribution, and tonight was no exception. Nobody said anything about loot so I just looted what I could. I got weighed down with a bunch of odd junk and only a few acrylia pieces. If only people would take turns, it would make life fairer and easier.


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