Posted by: mrrx | November 8, 2004

Champion Level

Hammerbreaker : Ding 51, 16% XP. First did win #27 in Mistmoore; this time I played off-tank / crowd control seeing as group member was slightly above me in power. We needed something – had no enchanter. Did well and helped keep multiples busy and off the casters. Three augs dropped but I didn’t get one.

Bought a cheap Copper Hammer of Striking and a Weighty Polearm. Woot ! Just have to make sure he doesn’t break it.

Tried to switch & do a different theme, but instead got another Mistmoore group. Main tank this time, the role I was born for, and we took em down pretty easy. People stayed so I could get my level. At 51, you change from a Warrior to a Champion, which is kinda cool.

Also did a group in Grieg’s end for the final 16%. We stood in the courtyard and took down the willsappers for awhile. Grouped with a couple guys I’d not seen for a long time, which was cool – always nice to see people in the game your recognize. Nothing good dropped unfortunately.

Plasmatic : Ding 12. It’s pretty hard to solo a wizard actually. Sit down and med after each kill. Heal up too because the mobs come and get you, especially as I don’t yet have root. The tactic so far is damage shield, nuke, kite, when caught melee & nuke.

It might work a lot better with buffs. Ran out at one point to the Plane of Knowledge, got a clarity and a SOW. This left me with low hit points and I had to sit-heal to regain them. So I guess the trick is to get temped, claritied, and SOW’ed. Sheesh, the game kinda forces people to be beggars at low level doesn’t it ?

I think what I should have him do is run out to some zone, and kite. XP in Paludal is good, but if he has to spend a ton of time running back and forth just how much does it matter?

In any event, he took down sensate reishi for this level. Many times had to take down green cons just to get a better one to pop. At least he’s through it.

Littleoak : 99% XP. Just barely missing 21. Paludal bandit camp. Was ready for a long session and I find……. nobody in Paludal. I guess everyone is starting up or getting ready for EQ 2. Eventually waited long enough and collected a warrior and a monk, and we did the camp for a bit, then when the warrior had to log off I got frustrated and left too.


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