Posted by: mrrx | November 5, 2004

Playing the Planes

Hammerbreaker : 54% XP. Did a group in Plane of Hate again with guildies, still looking for a ranger/druid epic piece. Didn’t get it. We got wiped when we pulled 4 mobs instead of one. Thankfully another group was nearby and rezzed us.

We almost had a major problem with our wizard who ported us in. It turns out he fell asleep at the keyboard, leaving us unable to leave the plane ! That would have been scary to say the least, but we were OK, one party member was a druid who ported us out.

Also grouped in the Plane of Innovation. Decent XP (maybe .8% per kill), some nice if confusing loot, and easy in and easy out. I looted something which gave a whopping 80p from the vendor – dissassembled servo or something like that. I think I probably should have sold the stuff in the bazaar, but oh well. This is an interesting zone; bunch of machines of course, and it looks like a victorian factory nightmare. This is a place I want to mess around in some more.


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