Posted by: mrrx | November 3, 2004

Faking my death

Hatereaper : Ding 31, 15% XP. Stood in the Plane of Knowledge for awhile working up my abjuration skill. Eventually got it to 150 after many many casts, and 4 or 5 clarities bestowed by friendly enchanters. Now if I need to feign death, I have a real likelihood of it not fizzling.

Next went out to Dawnshroud Peaks and got into a tribal group again. Some of the same people I’ve been grouping with, and some new folks. Took down many of the stupid monkey bastards and got my level.

One of the guys though was a jerk actually. First he accuses me of being a lootwhore, which might be true, so I quit looting anything and thought I’d content myself with XP. Then he, and his brother, make sure and grab each and every acrylia block which drops. One tenth of a second after the mob is dead, he is looting.

After I notice what’s happening I figure ah, won’t make an issue of it. But if he’s there tonight, that’s a different story. Those things are valuable and sell well, and there’s a difference between getting items for doing tradeskills, and grabbing every single item for who knows what purpose.


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