Posted by: mrrx | November 1, 2004

Skeleton Love Goes Cold

Hatereaper : Ding 30, 19% XP. No group available in Dawnshroud, so I headed off to Marus Seru and grouped there in a small group. Boy was I underequipped compared to these guys; and they suggested a much better weapon for me, cheap in the bazaar, the Mace of the Shadowed Soul.

So after the group broke up, ran off to buy spells. Now I have Feign Death – better practice that one and good. A new DOT, and a better lifetap; need to buy my pet buff but it’s in the East Commonlands and I didn’t want to run him there at night.

Littleoak :Now the proud owner of a Skunk Skin Hat, a skeleton drop. No hat graphic is nice on this character, plus it’s much better than a 2 AC hat or whatever it was I had him wearing. Got this at the cost of some XP because he died twice after getting it, while trying to escape.

Hammerbreaker : Bone chips, and nothing but. Hammer has farmed chips and fought the skeletons in a few zones, and ultimately I got bored doing it.

Plasmatic :Ding 10, 80% XP. Handed in a ton of bonechips to get here from level 7. Bought new spells and can now freeze and burn creatures of his level.

And after going to all the trouble of farming all those chips, I don’t think that’s a smart use of game time. He could have been leveling up on his own instead, and gotten somewhere around the same level, with the same amount of time spent as Hammer. Hammer, whacks green mobs for awhile and fights over them with various other bonechip farmers, and got no XP. Well, I think he got less than 1% killing light-blue skeleton troopers. I even had him turn down an LDON invite. I could have characters hang around and try and get rotting drops off of the skeletons – but I’m finding that to be boring.

So it looks like round #2 of the skeleton invasion is a bust for me. I’m thinking I’ll just work around it from here on out, until it disappears. So now, ran Plasmatic to – where else – Paludal to work his way up to a new spell level.

Woundbane :90% XP. Made win #5 in Mistmoore with a rather odd LDON group.

We were shadowknight, monk, ranger, necro, and me the cleric. Nobody wanted to loot, and ultimately the group leader had to loot. They fought over who was going to pull, who would tank, and never really came to a resolution on that. Eventually the monk pulled and the shadowknight tanked. Ranger just stood around quite a bit, he was apparently dealing with a GM so it’s the kind of thing you can forgive. He went linkdead 3/4 of the way through and never came back. Never did figure out what exactly the necro was doing other than using his pet to attack.

We did OK, even considering the overpulls we kept getting – 2, 3, 4 at a time. After a massive 7 mob wave which killed our necro, we sat and medded for awhile. I kept telling him he was making me nervous going down so low on his health! It was a good thing I was nearly full mana all the time, and temped, it allowed me to keep them healed and take the hits when the mobs came after me, until they could get em off of me. Eventually we looted that last fang and went off to split.

I gave up on the split after it took half an hour or more. Turns out our shadowknight got killed by one of the stupid unicorns trying to make his way back to the camp, and had to go get his corpse.

And yet more alts were created. Now have a rogue, paladin, and ranger on a third server. That should be it, I have one of everything. I have a spare slot on Torv in case I change my mind about something, and a level 1 berserker who I could kill off without a thought on Tunare if desired. What I need now, is to get a bit better of a level spread among all these alts, most are under level 20, with none in their 40’s and only two 30’s.

New goals :
Hammer to 52 for Bellow.
Hatereaper and/or Woundbane to 40.
Tezcatlipocca to 30.


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