Posted by: mrrx | October 28, 2004

Skeleton Invasion

The skeleton invasion is back! Butcherblock, Feerott, Toxxulia Forest, Qeynos Hills and East Commonlands are being invaded by skeletons, which drop some really nice twink items which work for level ones. I spent my last session messing around with this for many different characters, mostly the little alts.

Possible loot includes a dozen or more nice items; and bone chips. They also drop weapons, from Rusty to Fine Steel, but realistically these just get in the way and I destroy them. Bone chips rule for low-level good-aligned alts – they can walk into Kaladim and get experience from turning them in. Might even be able to do this for evils in Neriak or somewhere.

Butcherblock is insanely crowded, but also a great place for a low-level to run through and grab rotting drops. Feerott or Toxxulia is great for hunting skeletons without other players bugging you. The skeleton invasion is pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. We’ll see what kind of twinkage loot I can grab while these things are up.

Bonebank46% XP. Let’s see – we have a skeleton invasion. Who is probably best equipped to fight them? A necromancer! Plus he needs practice in Evocation, and can fight them in Butcherblock, right next to the Plane of Knowledge, where he can get clarity so the nukes need never stop. Picked up a bunch of bone chips and terrorized the newbie zone outside the Kaladim gates for quite a while. Most of the conscripts are green, but a select few are dark blue or even white to my Level 12, so he did get XP. He may even make 13 tomorrow if I play him mostly. Evocation up to 40 – not bad at all, was at 1.

Got some XP for my magician (Tooltwister), enchanter (Misdirector), and berserker (Acideye). Got a ton of bone chips (Plasmatic) when an uber-player wasted a ton of conscripts and just left the corpses. Busy night, and expect the same for the next few sessions.

Goals :
Gather as many bone chips as possible.
Grab twink items for characters.
XP off the big guys for Hammer or anyone who can get a group.


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