Posted by: mrrx | October 26, 2004

Riding High in Dawnshroud

Woundbane : 40% XP. Dusted this guy off long enough to see if I could find a group easy, and sure enough, the second I get into Butcherblock I get a LDON group. We did fine, there was some craziness with the loot which I didn’t like, but we successfully completed the adventure.

And this was different – we did an assassination. I wonder why people are so down on these having tried one. It wasn’t that hard – just penetrate into the dungeon and eventually you can’t miss where the creature is. The final fight was a bit crazy with too many adds – I think the party got all excited at being there and someone got aggro too early. Got win #4 and some plat, and it was all fun. The funniest part was I hardly played cleric at all, I mostly nuked the mobs and provided extra healing during crazy moments when our other cleric was low or out of mana.

Hatereaper : Ding 28, then 29. 20% XP. Got a group again in Dawnshroud, and spent 3 hours killing here, almost nonstop. The entire group cycled eventually – people kept dropping out and others would show up and join. Somebody was botting an enchanter which kept us in clarity and mind buffs too.

It was an absolute slaughter. Little naked savage punks didn’t stand a chance, and I grabbed a literal ton of acrylia and high-vendor-value weapons. We didn’t end up with any 6-7 mob overpulls but our ranger really knew how to chain pull. He ran off to get more as soon as our warrior had aggro, which left me swinging at something every second it seemed.

Once I reached 29 a few of the gatherers started conning dark blue. Still, this camp should take me to 32 easily.

It turns out my next spell level is actually 30. I get an improved pet spell at 29, which I need to buy tonight, a spell batch at 30, and more spells at I believe 34.


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