Posted by: mrrx | October 25, 2004

Fast Leveling

Hatereaper : Ding 27, 90% XP. Three sessions covered in this entry – only played this one guy.

First – Ding 26. Got together with my shaman buddy again, this guy and I are on at exactly the same time it seems. He formed a full group and we bashed and pulled one after the other. My stack of hopper hides increased again, and nobody seemed very interested in loot.

Second – Ding 27. Formed another group in Marus Seru, after soloing for a bit, joining a couple of people, and naturally my shammy friend joins up after awhile. We fought here for awhile until someone suggested we go to Dawnshroud Peaks.

Now Dawnshroud, I had thought, was a bit higher level of a zone, but I thought wrong. There are fairly easy red mobs there too, the “tribal gatherers”, and they’re right next to zonelines in two different places. Run into trouble? Zone out. Not that I had any trouble, but one or two people in the group had to zone and lose aggro. The XP works well and they have nice loot too like acrylia. Here, people do want to save the loot, so I had to share, which is fine.

So we stood on the steps at Griegs End, and pulled three-four of these things at a time with the occasional lightcrawler or Zelniak thrown in. We even managed to take on *six* of the gatherers at one time and come through it well. Wow ! Now that is cool ! Lot’s of fun fights and no deaths.

Not only that, but I can really get into the roleplay here. It’s easy to imagine an evil troll hating a bunch of skin-wearing savages and doing everything possible to destroy them. Don’t think I’m moving from here anytime soon. Eventually it was really late so I logged out.

90% XP. Good session again tonight. Went back to Tribal Gatherers. One nice side-effect of camping here is the high-level guys coming in and out of Grieg’s end. Many of them were nice enough to buff or heal us. Met up with a couple guys I knew from playing Hammer, and one stayed with us for awhile after learning that. I also got awesome pet toys from a passing magician, so Stupid (my crappy skeleton) was much more useful.

It was me & the shammy again, and a full group. The hiccup was our puller, a 38 beastlord, who kept going LD. Said his modem was acting up. I told him to get a new one, it worked for me. Otherwise we played long into the night, took down a lot of tribal guys and got me pretty close to my level.

I think I’ve got the hang of using the skeleton. If you’re moving around a bit and your camp spot is fluid, the skeleton is not useful. Otherwise, have him sit at the camp. Pull some mobs – once they get close he’ll come after them. Have him attack anything else if there are adds or he may just stand around. Maybe that’s what the guard function is. Either way, that’s how to keep him alive.

Hopefully, tonight, I’ll manage 29 for my new spells.


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