Posted by: mrrx | October 22, 2004

“Hating” in Marus Seru

Hatereaper : 80% XP. Did some more soloing and got into a small group, necro and cleric. We whacked greyhoppers when available and other creatures when not. It was great – they let me have all the hides again, and they took the loot from stonegrabbers etc. I didn’t check but I must be accumulating a sizable number of hides.

We had two massive overpulls, and several situations with a bunch of adds. Nobody died so we were successfull, and we did often take down 6 mobs. What fun! The necro had some issues with his pet – the thing kept running off and pulling a gigantic train. My stupid pet just got wasted quickly on every overpull so I quit summoning him and felt better.

I’m getting much better at pulling and then holding aggro, and also at pulling & letting it go. When a shadowknight is tanking you can taunt to catch aggro; you can’t use an aggro disc, but instead you can cast spells on the mob and that will help keep it focused on you, as opposed to some fragile caster or the cleric. Having aggro problems? Like, the group wizard is getting aggro? Cast a debuff or DOT on the mob while taunting and hitting it and you should be grabbing aggro back quickly.


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