Posted by: mrrx | October 22, 2004


Felt like reviewing my character stable again.

Seven characters on Tunare ATM –
1. Hammerbreaker, 50 Ogre Warrior. Having finally achieved 50 I need a break from him, but I’ll still call him my favorite.

2. Littleoak, 20 Halfling Druid. Moving up in the ranks, he’s easy to solo with over the last few levels, does great in a group as a utility player, and is foraging good stuff for me as well as being my only character with track. Fun !

3. Hatereaper, 25 Troll Shadowknight. A warrior with extra damage capacity, in a sense. It’s fun playing him and the roleplay is a scream – he hates everything and he should, being a hate worshipper. If not for the 25% XP differential he’d be #2 instead of Littleoak.

4. Plasmatic, 6 Froglok Wizard. Frogloks work for me as a wizard. Currently leveling slowly while collecting shadeling silk; had him do the bonechip quest to move from 1 to 6.

5. Bloodskull, 14 Ogre Beastlord. Would like to play him, but just don’t tend to do so. He suffers from the enjoyment I get out of the other characters only, not that there’s anything wrong with him.

6. Woundbane, 32 Human Cleric. I’m down on clerics right now. I just get bored playing this guy, and not finding a group quickly just adds to that frustration as he now has *zero* soloing capacity.

7. Acideye, 1 Dwarf Berserker. Created, but barely played.

Also have a few characters on Torv server, but I’ve been concentrating on Tunare.
Tezcatlipocca, Vah Shir Shaman; Bonebank, Erudite Necromancer; and very low level guys.

I want to create four more characters, which will give me a full house ; someone of every race, sex, and class. Except elves. I hate elves. Don’t ask me why, but the idea of playing an elf fills me with a creeping loathing of cutesy little androgynous nature lovers.

Anyway, that group will give me a real good feel for the low-level “complete” game, if not the high level. I wonder if I’ll ever make the high-level game; Hammer made 50, but my next highest guy is only 32.


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