Posted by: mrrx | October 21, 2004

Bandit Camp 2

Hatereaper : 30% XP. Soloed Greyhoppers for awhile but got bored with it. It didn’t help either that there weren’t any of the stupid things near the Netherbian zoneline, for whatever reason. Only a few people in the zone and no groups were forming, so I gave it up & contented myself with 1/3 of a level.

Littleoak : Ding 19, then 20. 55% XP. Got into a group at the Paludal Bandit Camp #2 – the first one, where my characters usually end up, is right at the Shadowhaven entrance, while #2 is at the other side of the gigantic lake north of the first camp. The melees smashed, I kept everyone with a thorns on, and healed. Talk about an easy job! I waited until I had almost full mana, then healed whoever was low until I was at 80% mana. After Thorning everyone I’d wait until full mana and repeat. At no point did anyone go below 65% health, and I never needed that big pool of saved mana for any emergency.

We did this for something like 2 hours, until first our warrior left, then the others, so I gated back to Plane of Knowledge for new spells.

Also trained Tracking. The way tracking works is interesting – there’s a hotbutton you use which brings up a window with player and monster names. You select who you’re tracking, and get a message “Littleoak is in front of you and to the left” – “Littleoak is directly in front of you” – et cetera. I thought it would be like the find command with a golden string to your target. Well, that’s OK, this works and will definitely come in handy.

Spells at level 18-19 are a pain. First, there is the typical batch of spells you can purchase from a spell vendor in the PoK library. Then there are some which are available from scattered places throughout Norrath. These are the druidic “ring” spells, which will teleport you instantly to the druid rings. Not your group – just you. The group ones don’t come about until level 29. I found one on some guy in the Plane of Knowledge, another group on a druid spell vendor in the West Commonlands, and apparently there are another group of them on a halfling vendor inside Rivervale somewhere. I believe I need to make the trip to Rivervale and I’ll have them all.

To fund these spell purchases I had to dip into shared funds. Might be time for someone to go on a farming spree again.


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