Posted by: mrrx | October 19, 2004


Hammerbreaker : Ding 50. At last – finally did this soloing inside the City of Mist. And now I’m a bit tired of Hammer so I log him off. Finding the right groups, playing a short time, it’s a bit hard with a warrior.

Littleoak : Ding 17, then 18. 1% XP. Got Clarity and temp and went medieval on all the fiends in Paludal. I was unstoppable ! I chopped them up left and right into Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh. Eventually I also got a pair of fungal fiend leggings ! Battered and bruised after the buffs wore off, I got the final 5% XP and logged off in the Plane of Knowledge, ready to look for new buffs.

Now this is something fun – get some buffs and absolutely destroy everything in your path. Definitely trying more of this tonight; I hope they’re all still dark blue at 18 and give that amazing 2-3% XP each. If so, I hope to get to 19 tonight for my next spell level, and my first set of ports.


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