Posted by: mrrx | October 15, 2004


Reinstalled EQ, and selected “Low” graphics at 1024×768. No lockups for awhile under that configuration. Here’s hoping that does it.

Hammerbreaker : 20% XP. Tested the lockup in City of Mist, and inched forward a few more XP. No groups were available, really; the one time I got into a group it was with two beastlords, of which one promptly died and I locked up. After re-logging I couldn’t find the live guy, and the dead guy was where he had fallen when I logged off.

Hatereaper : 60% XP. Got a group in Marus Seru and had fun there. We had no cleric, but it wasn’t much of a problem – two bards playing various songs and chain pulling stonegrabbers made things go well. When we got a massive overpull, eventually giving us 12 dead stonegrabbers, everyone was low but still alive, and it was a lot of fun to play. Our chanter was pretty good, if frustrated because both me and the main tank kept breaking mezzes.

I can also play ghetto healer with Dark Pact. I have regen so it makes sense to cast this, heal badly damaged people, and let my health regen. Burns up mana a lot quicker than health too. So I healed our main tank quite a few times to keep him going.

After awhile they all wanted to go to Netherbian lair and I didn’t feel like going there, so I logged for the night.


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