Posted by: mrrx | October 14, 2004

More soloing

Hatereaper : 20% XP. With a temp active, and a clarity after arriving, was able to solo greyhoppers in Marus Seru. Adds were a problem, but taking on one or two was fun, especially since each was 1.5-2% XP. Now for a troll, that is *good* XP. Engage, hit with Engulfing Darkness, let pet whack it, lifetap when mana permits, keep buffs active. Sit for a bit, then repeat.

Had to run to zone twice when I had a crowd of hoppers on me, and once Temp and Clarity faded I logged him out.

Had one lockup tonight. Argh! Might be that anything I do won’t help with this lockup thing. That would suck, might not be able to play. Maybe I should try reinstalling.

Littleoak : 45% XP. Got ahold of his adventurer’s stone, and waited looking for buffs in the PoK for awhile. None were forthcoming, so I ran him to Paludal and entered the first lake, ready to swim a bit to lake 2.

Turns out someone had pulled the grimy owlbears from deep in the zone out to the lake. Almost killed one, but a second one added on me and required me to run to zone. Thank goodness for SOW, or there’s no way I would have lived through that. Eventually moved on to lake 2, and wasted one or two fiends before exhaustion required I log off.


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