Posted by: mrrx | October 12, 2004

Great XP

Hammerbreaker : Ding 49, 5% XP. Went to City of Mist and had a very fun, very interesting session.

We had a ranger who really knew how to chain pull – he’d bring them exactly the right times and we’d kill one after the other with the XP just flying by. He did tend to bring too many, but that’s what we had our chanter for, and he was excellent at his job. Keeping 8 mobs mezzed at once is quite a feat.

We took down a mob which dropped a really nice bracer, and I won the roll and got it. There were some hard feelings and complaints unfortunately – and our leader just kept his mouth shut about the whole thing. Thanks buddy – that’s your job to mediate. I ended up keeping it and refusing further loot.

Eventually I decided to take off due to lockups. Every time I was in the Stables area, I would lock up. I think it’s some video issue and I need to muck around to try and fix it. I probably should make a bug report too.

Turns out that I might be able to solo in the Emerald jungle. With newer gear, buffs, and going after Trakaraptors down on the floor of the jungle, I just might be able to take them down without losing a ton of HP. I did it with one which chased me almost all the way to the Field of Bone. I turned and fought at the last minute, and it was an easy fight.

Oh so close – almost 50 !


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