Posted by: mrrx | October 11, 2004

Busy session

Hammerbreaker :60% XP. My pal and I went to Velketor’s Labyrinth. This is a pretty high-level zone, but the entrance is not bad at my level. All the creatures were dk blue and gave 1% even when grouped with a 66th lvl character. Got ten skillups on 2H slash, now up to 165.

Picked up a whole bunch of crystalline silks and some acrylia.

Hatereaper : Ding 24, 3% XP. Finished up in the Paludal bandit camps at last. Ran him out to Marus Seru, and tried a greyhopper, got beat up pretty good after one of them added.

Littleoak : Ding 15 – 40% XP. Went back to the Plane of Knowledge and spent a long time practicing spell skills. All skills except divination are now 60 or higher. Summoned a lot of food and gave it away, to willing and semi-willing parties. Got a clarity after practice was finished and ran to Paludal Lake #2. He chewed through the fiends one after another – it was great.

After getting his level and clarity ran out, back to the PoK and trained in his new skill, dodge. Next : Get his adventurer’s stone. Then clarity, fiends, lather rinse repeat for awhile.

And I decided I just couldn’t handle having a Frog Paladin. Deleted Bravestone after moving all his stuff off to other characters. Created a dwarf berserker and a froglok wizard, filling up all eight slots on Tunare for characters. At some point in the future I may create a human paladin, on another server.

So what are my top 3 goals ? (5 is too many, never do more than 1 or 2)
Hammer reaches level 50.
Hatereaper reaches 29.
Littleoak reaches 18.

I guess I’m going to neglect my Torv characters for the moment. My new guild is fun and I want to stay in and get acquainted well with everybody. Funny how that works – Hammer remains my favorite but I go hot and cold on the rest of my alt army.


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