Posted by: mrrx | October 8, 2004

New Guild

Now is the point where I’m ready to declare my old guild, kaput. If you get about one other person on, if you’re lucky, are you a guild at that point? If the leader is too busy to play, even for a variety of good reasons, are you a guild? I don’t think so, so I joined my real-life pal’s guild last night.

By the way, I’m not naming names on things like people and guilds because I will always remember those, but I’m not sure if it’s a smart idea to mention names in a public blog like this. Don’t want anyone pissed off.

Hammerbreaker : 21% XP. Went with some new guildies, including the guild leader of all the cool things, into the plane of Hate. Now that’s interesting.

First step in getting there is zone in to the Plane of Tranquility. I had not been to this zone previously, even though it’s a non-combat zone. Didn’t think I could get a group, frankly, so I didn’t go. Right at the zonein is an NPC who will port you to Hate, if you give her an item. I didn’t look closely at it, I was given the item needed.

Then you are in the Hate zone. In Hate, there are *no maps allowed*. You have to navigate by memory or by a printed map. I stuck close to the others and we went in search of an epic piece. By accident, we found one for the enchanter epic but not for the druid epic. I mentioned that I need to take down the Hand of the Maestro for Hammer’s epic, but we were not tough enough to take it down, there were only four of us.

The fighting went well there, and often the mobs drop nice armor which is unfortunately class specific and no-drop. But, I got clued in to a nice little turnin you can do – pick it up anyway, even if it’s not useful to you, and you can turn it in in the Plane of Knowledge for XP and a gem. One piece got me 4% XP, pretty good XP for certain, and a raw diamond.

Had fun and met new people, and logged off after this turnin.

Hatereaper : Ding 23, 45% XP. Another Paludal bandit group. We didn’t play for too long because I left to do the guild invite. But he’s almost there – soon he can move on to a different zone. Paludal is pretty nice, as a zone that is. But moving every character through there just gets old.


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