Posted by: mrrx | October 6, 2004

Leveling – Hammerbreaker

List of zones and how Hammerbreaker has leveled up. He did LDoN’s every possible level, so I didn’t list any of that out.

1-10 : The Feerott
11-15 : Paludal Caverns
16-20 : Many; Netherbian Lair etc.

21-25 : Marus Seru
Great place to get a group. Stand on one of the dunes and you can pull to your heart’s content. Words, runes, occasional tradeskill item, and Hopper Hides are the loot, almost no coin to be had. Good zone.

26 – 31 : Just LDoN.
32 : Gunthak, Dreadlands
33 – 34 : Feerott
Could have begun earlier. The lizards on the Cazic-Thule island. Many are single pulls, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

35 – 36 : Just LDoN
37 : Gunthak
38-39 : Just LDoN
40 : Great Divide wolves solo
The wolves in the great divide are just barely warrior soloable. Be prepared to sit & heal for long periods, and hope that nobody takes all the wolves so they can be factioning.

41 : Dulak
42 : Great Divide, Eastern Wastes solo
Eastern Wastes is also, just barely soloable. Set up at the bridge. Get Tundra Kodiaks and go after their pelts for quests – if you can actually get any. Other dark blues are all doable, and can take down a few before sitting is required.

43 : Gunthak, Eastern Wastes solo
45 : Chardok
46-47 : Grieg’s End
Grieg’s End is fantastic experience at the moment, being a hot spot. Unfortunately, very hard to get a pickup group in there right now.

48 : Dawnshroud Peaks solo


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