Posted by: mrrx | September 27, 2004

Littleoak Moves Up

Littleoak : Ding 11, 12, 13, 14. 50% XP. Ran back into Paludal caverns and commenced whacking shrooms and bugs. Got to 11 and halfway to 12 when a duo showed up who were clearly on a powerleveling session.

Then I got into the action!

I got a great thorns buffs along with regeneration. With these I was the terror of the lake. I pulled two or three fiends, grime tunnelers, and cut em down like death wielding a scythe. They fell and made me overweight there were so many of them and so much stuff to pick up. The PL’er buffed me no less than 4 times. I tried to leave them their mobs rather than take their camp, especially after they were nice enough to buff me.

Eventually my connection went down and the fun had to stop at that point. Went and bought spells and got set up, then returned to the 2nd lake to see how well I could do.

Now at level 14 it’s time to take on the fiends, but without those buffs its a bit harder. I found myself able to take a single fiend but the recovery time was substantial, and a lot of it was because my spell skills are too low. The fizzles were sucking up a substantial amount of mana, to say nothing of getting me really hurt.

Gated back to the PoK planning to practice spell skills. He should be able to get to 75 in everything. Evocation is already there, but alteration is a bit lower, and conjuration abjuration and divination are around zero so I have a lot of practice to do.

Hatereaper : 60% XP. Got a group in the first bandit camp. What an odd group – 3 mages, a ranger, and myself (shadowknight). It seemed to be going well until I needed to sit down and rest-heal. Either somebody pulled accidentally or I sat too near to a bandit tent – they came after me and killed me.

With connection issues just killing me, I didn’t get rezzed. By the time I got back on I was in a different group, a much more balanced and useful one – mage, SK, bard, and cleric. Fought for awhile and got good XP, but when the group took off to go to camp 2, I left to sell. Afterwards logged off. He’s getting closer at least, to getting out of Paludal.

So why am I playing all the Tunare alts ? Of six characters there, four of them are in Paludal. There’s just something wrong with that. Paludal is the place you just *have* to be at prior to 24, but after that there are other options, so I can split them up a bit more I think. Going to get Hatereaper out, and either Bloodskull or Littloak, or maybe both.


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