Posted by: mrrx | September 24, 2004

What I’m learning

So I’ve got an army of characters, and am getting a good handle on how to start the game. What is the best way to get started in this game ?

You can and should certainly have fun roleplaying, but Everquest is an incredibly deep game which will take forever to play through on a single character nonroleplaying style – to say nothing of the 16 class choices you could make and try to play through “to the end”. And basically, roleplaying will most likely increase your time to level 70 significantly, like double or triple or worse. For roleplaying style play no guide can really help you – decide what your character is or isn’t and go from there.

Now for efficient playing to level – I’ve come up with this listing.

* Start off your character at Level 1.

* Run through the tutorial long enough to have a completely powered Kobold Skull charm. Nothing in this game is anywhere near this powerful for 40+ levels, to say nothing of free and simple.

* Run your character to Shar Vahl. Enter the palace and bind there with the Soulbinder.

* Enter the Pit of Shar Vahl. Go after the Xakra Larva, and loot the Shadeling Silk. Kill nothing but the worms if possible; if you can’t find any worms fairly quickly start killing the Rhinobeetle Hatchlings, the worms should start showing up quickly after that.

* Level up to level 5-6 this way. Stop when needed and sell any junk you pick up. Transfer the Shadeling Silk to your bank for later sale in the Bazaar.

* Sell your shadeling silk. It depends on how much you price it for and how much you collect, but you should be able to bank about 1000 plat after doing this.

* Buy gear in the Bazaar. Get something inexpensive for every slot you have, you should be able to pull this off and get decent items for your money.

* When you need money and don’t have any, do this some more. Pretty good coin for minimal effort.

* Level from 6-10 in the Shadeweaver’s Thicket. You can go north to the tunnel entrance to Paludal, and fight the Lesser Shades and Skeletal Hunters. This will net you more valuable Shadeling Silks, and Swirling Shadows which sell even better.

* Alternatively at level 5-6 go straight into Paludal. The XP can be awesome if a bit difficult to pull off at 6.

* Once in Paludal you should be able to solo your way to Level 12. From the Shadeweaver’s thicket entrance, walk in to the first lake and begin killing the Sensate Reishi, and any bugs that are far enough away from others to keep you from getting others. Take on two if you can, some classes can. Work your way east from this lake and you will ultimately find a tunnel down to a second lake. There are two bugs down there; find a way to deal with them for good XP. Push on into the lake and continue to XP here if possible.

* Take up group offers and you can penetrate deeper, and get good XP. At about level 18 or so, move out and go to Shadowhaven, and zone into Paludal again, from the extreme south of Shadowhaven. Now you are ready to take on a bandit camp; getting a group here is always very easy.

* Fight away in the bandit camp. The XP comes fast. Loot if you want, or don’t if you don’t want to leave and sell. Do this to level 24, or higher if you really don’t want to leave.

You are now level 24 with basic armor and weapons. Explore the rest of the world. Marus Seru is an obvious place to go next, or get cracking with LDoN’s.

LDoN is good for many different reasons – XP, Money, Points (which you can use to buy stuff), and Wins (which upgrade your adventurer stone). You literally have to get about 75 wins in a certain “theme” before your stone is really useful, like being better than that kobold skull charm. Apparently at level 65 and with enough wins the thing is amazing.


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