Posted by: mrrx | September 24, 2004

Love Zelniaks

Hammerbreaker : Ding 48, 1% XP. Sat around LFG for quite a while but decided to just keep on soloing in Dawnshroud Peaks. Killed lots of Zelniaks and the odd wolf, and ultimately got my level.

Thank goodness for the kind high-level cleric in the zone. At one point I was sitting by the hunters tent – a bunch of quest NPC’s I believe. A wolf walked up to me and started attacking; and suddenly so did they !! I went down in short order but she rezzed me, thus saving me from losing everything accomplished over several days.

Now I have no idea where I can take him for XP, because everything in Dawnshroud is now light blue. Have to look around a bit, but the real XP is still in LDoN’s, if you can get them.

Littleoak : 60% XP. Had him in Paludal but it seemed the zone was bugged; it was very lagged. Did go ahead and fight in there for a bit anyway and it was usable, just a bit dangerous seeming especially if you got more than one creature.


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