Posted by: mrrx | September 23, 2004

Umbral Plains

Littleoak : Thought I would try and get Littloak over to the Umbral Plains. I’ve heard that people can do this, and get rotting armor drops for druids that are unbelievable.

After getting killed 6 times I’ve about got the route down. It’s safe running all the way to the Maiden’s Eye zone. From the Plane of Knowledge you just go through the Nexus, then down the Netherbian Lair (watch out for groups pulling the mobs from the caves), across the Dawnshroud Peaks (Keep an eye out for wolves – Zelniaks do not aggro here), and you are in the Maiden’s Eye, the zone next to my destination, the Umbral Plains.

Now Maiden’s Eye is difficult to traverse. You can do it if you go the long way, the southern route, and hug the zonewall most of the way. Be very careful around the Akheva Ruins as guards are hanging out there. So with a little difficulty you can run a 10th level druid close to the Umbral Plains zonein.

That’s where it gets impossible. Got killed by Umbrous Toilers – no clue they had spotted me or even aggroed me. Killed by Xi Vious – Same thing. But this guy is obviously worse being a named mob and all. There are two guards at the zonein who will certainly aggro me, and I stood nearby trying to figure out how to get in and got killed twice doing that.

My corpse recovery would have been disastrous if it hadn’t been for a helpful necro who summoned my corpse from across the zone.

So I can get that far. The question is if I can figure out some way I can get farther. Maybe invisible; maybe I should intentionally die and park my important corpse in Rivervale. Hard to tell. Time to do some reading about this.

{Does some reading}

Looks like I shouldn’t have bothered. The Elysian armor is nice – but it does have a recommended level on it so it’s not some perfect twink item. Given how difficult I found it to get in I’m giving up. Littleoak has a ton of awesome buffs on him that should allow him to terrorize Paludal so think I’ll have him do that instead.

Bloodskull : Ding 14, 20% XP. Thought I would get my next set of spells at 14, and it’s actually 15. Oh well. Fighting well near lake #2, he is well capable of dealing with two grime tunnelers at once so all he has to do is go after the ones at zonein over and over to level up.


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