Posted by: mrrx | September 22, 2004

Back to Beastlord

Hammerbreaker : 83% XP. Got on and looked for a group unsuccessfully for awhile. Ended up in Dawnshroud, with some nice buffs on, and decided to take a look at the rockhopper caves. Took down one Sambata guard easy, but the other one would have killed me if I hadn’t zoned out. Afterwards hit a few dark blue zelniaks – very hard to find at level 47 – and logged off.

Bloodskull : 60% XP. Thought I would try this guy out again, and had him take on various beasties in Paludal for awhile. He’s ready for Lake #2 entrance, as long as he can single pull those two bugs. Lake #2, is that 2nd lake if you go right from the Shadeweaver’s Thicket. He needs to get to level 14, the pet is underpowered again taking on these level 12-13ish mobs.


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