Posted by: mrrx | September 21, 2004

Marus Seru

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 25, 15% XP. Went to Marus Seru and tried root-rotting a Greyhopper. It didn’t work. Hit it with Affliction, Envenomed Breath, and Tainted Breath, and even with all three active it just slowly knocked down the creature. Root broke and it started attacking, but I did manage to finish it up. Very close to dieing though. This is after an unsuccessful attempt where I got adds and had to zone. Ugh.

But got a group shortly after that and boy did the XP flow. They had higher level mains, enchanters and clerics, and kept us temped and claritied. I was very busy in a group setting and I absolutely love it.

Tried to keep everyone in buffs – so would load a buffing spellset and hit everyone with buffs. This would chew up my mana in no time so I ended up using Cannibalize. Got some baby heals from rangers, and the cleric hit me when she was full mana, and this helped along with my regeneration buff. Very difficult to watch all the buffs and check when they expire – I’m going to have to practice that. Part of the problem being I don’t really want to buff myself if I’m just sitting and casting; and the usual method to tell if you need to rebuff, is cast one on yourself. But all my buffs have different timers more or less.

Did a lot of slowing, and nuking. The slows were useful but it was tricky to only use it when the mob would last awhile. I settled on hitting yellows & reds with it and leaving the dk blues unslowed. After 3 or so nukes most things dropped so if I was going to nuke I didn’t slow either. Not much feedback from the group, so I guess I did OK.

Maybe I should have dotted more than nuked – the mobs didn’t last long except at the end of the night when there were just two of us, a ranger and I. Picked up maybe a dozen greyhopper hides / LQ hides. Nobody wanted any loot from what I could tell. Got a few miscellaneous words for Bonebank and a few runes and stuff as well.

Now that is a lot of progress and also highlights the differences when you level. To get Hammer 20% XP requires an entire night, basically. Unless he can get a group in Grieg’s End which is not exactly a certain thing. Tez, in contrast, earns about 120% XP in a single night which Hammer couldn’t get anymore in his dreams.


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