Posted by: mrrx | September 21, 2004

Favorites ?

I have an army of characters now. I thought I’d rate them.

Favorites –
1 – Hammerbreaker 47 Ogre Warrior. Walk up and start hacking – keep the thing from hitting anyone else. Tons of HP and high armor class.
2 – Tezcatlipocca 25 Vah Shir Shaman. Shamans can buff like nobody’s business. Can also DOT, use health as mana, can solo well, can perform great in a group.
3 – Bonebank 12 Erudite Necromancer. Unsurprisingly, I enjoy soloing and have trouble getting on long enough to group. What a shock that I would enjoy a Necro. Pet is tough, slowly kill my opponents, and sickly suck my health away to mana.
4 – Littleoak 10 Halfling Druid. Forage, SOW, DOTS, and Roots. He’s fun so far even at low level, but usually I have something else I want to do.
5 – Hatereaper 20 Troll Shadowknight. Fun to roleplay. Can regen really fast. Tanks but also DOTs and weakens opponents. Meager spell selection though.
6 – Woundbane 32 Human Cleric. I thought a cleric would be fun – heal and be the hero. I was wrong. I would like to have him at a nice high level though so I’m plugging away with this guy.
7 – Bravestone 19 Froglok Paladin. A warrior with heals. Can do minor self-buffs as well. Somehow, a froglok isn’t that much fun to play though and this guy hasn’t got playtime for awhile.
8 – Bloodskull 13 Ogre Beastlord. Don’t know exactly why, I just don’t like this guy enough to play him.

Newest Alts too low to rate
Drumbanger 4 Half-elf Bard
Blazespitter 1 Gnome Wizard
Fearfoot 1 Iksar Monk Female

Top 5 curent ambitions
Hammer gets level 48 and bakes at 201.
Tezcatlipocca gets level 29.
Bonebank skills up spell skills.
Bravestone or Hatereaper passes the Paludal Bandit Camps.
New alts farm shadeling silks & sell.


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