Posted by: mrrx | September 20, 2004

Hammer closes in

Hammerbreaker : 79% XP. Getting close to 48. Did two LDoN’s, one a success and one a failure.

First got a group together, which I had to put together, for LDoN at Takish Hiz. Why Tak ? One group member suggested it and I’m tired of doing Mistmoore. We ended up with two druids, pally, cleric, shaman and my warrior. I learned a lot from this failed adventure.

Now I could be wrong but don’t druids have Succor, which sends you to the start of the dungeon ? If so neither of our druids had it as they ported us to druid circles twice during add situations.

Our pally did not want to pull, and was worried about his lulls being resisted. So instead our cleric tried to be the puller – nobody wanted me to pull by running up & whacking. This was our biggest problem – even worse than crowd control, we kept getting too many mobs and it was for stupid reasons. Looting a dead mob, brought a bunch. Got the cleric killed while she was pulling. If we had a better pulling style we probably could have won, but getting 5 massive overpulls in one adventure killed us for sure.

We would have done much better if we had a bard or an enchanter, but none were on and I didn’t want to just give up without it. So it was a pretty uneven adventure – Both shaman & I came out OK with more XP, our cleric and one druid lost XP, pally got a nice loot item, other druid eked out a few XP.

I then did another adventure, this time as part of someone else’s group – the shaman from before 🙂 . He put together a good group and we took down many Mistmoore mobs, did not get anything worthwhile for drops other than an aug, but we won the adventure and did well. I got feared, which was a bit strange – with Magic Resist over 100% I thought it wasn’t possible to get feared, but I was wrong.

One, or two more – and I should get the level at last.

Finally able to participate in a mass group buff – boy is that cool, got some incredible buffs which helped make the LDON’s survivable. What a blast. It’s great to see your hit points at over 4000, and my attack maxed at 1000.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 23, then 24 with 1% XP. Another bandit camp in Paludal. Knocked em down one after another – I got to be buffer and slower for once, until the end when I was again ghetto cleric. Was so glad the others didn’t leave until I managed the level. I’d have been real annoyed to have to solo through a few more.

Went off and bought spells, and treated him to a new weapon from the bazaar. Then off to Marus Seru and a real quick and incautious pull. One recuso almost killed me and knocked me back a level ! Well, I can try again tonight or get temped, or join a group – lots of options. I would think I can root and dot them, I have to try that out.


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