Posted by: mrrx | September 16, 2004

Ping Pong between characters

Bonebank : No fighting tonight, but took a shopping trip. Bought a bunch of miscellaneous items in the bazaar, all under 100 plat. Now he has basic equipment, and we can see how this improves his ability to fight.

Also bought two greater lightstones, to let him get research going once he is 16. You turn in greater lightstones on a quest and get a container which lets you make practice items, to get skillups in your research skill. Oh, and made the investment in opal encrusted steins as well.

Drumbanger : Ding 4 – 10% XP. Moved this guy out of Gloomingdeep and over to Shar Vahl. Bound there, and started fighting in the crater. Why ? Shadeling silk, of course. If he’s low level and just grinding out the XP why not farm silks while he’s at it?

Hammerbreaker : 37% XP. Eked out a few more XP in a group in Grieg’s End. As I logged in I got into a group immediately, and we hung out and whacked things that popped in the entry room. Until, while the puller was pulling, we got a pop at the exact same time. Both the puller and another guy died as the rest of us ran for the zone. Came back in, did a corpse recovery, rezzed and then the group broke up. Bummer.


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