Posted by: mrrx | September 15, 2004

More Paludal

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 22, 40% XP. Bandit camps again. Left heavily encumbered and sold stuff. The bandit camps are fun to do, but nothing to write about really, it’s the same thing over and over.

Tank pulls 1-3 mobs. Melees fight. Shaman heals, buffs, roots, or melees as appropriate. Pick up loot nobody else wants to carry. Leave when full of loot. Return & regroup if spots available, and they usually are at the times I play.

Bonebank : Ding 11, then 12. 15% XP. Worked the tunnel between lakes 1 & 2 until I hit 12; concentrated on the mushrooms but took on some of the beetles. Got a deadly add situation once as three beetles converged on me, but the pet & I managed to knock them all down – he was at 4% and I at 15% health, little to no mana left either.

At 12 I memmed all the spells I had bought and went after grime tunnelers. Good XP, tough fights, but very doable with the new DOTS I have, plus I now have a pet buff and a tougher pet.

Then decided it was time to upgrade all the cloth armor he’s wearing, so I headed off to the bazaar. Transferred some plat from Shadeling Silk pusher Tez. It got really late so I logged off before buying anything.


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