Posted by: mrrx | September 13, 2004

Can’t win em all

Hammerbreaker : Ding 47, 25% XP. Started out in Grieg’s End again and grouped with the usual hangers-on in the zone. Went a bit deeper this time, all the way to the first courtyard, and got excellent XP. Unfortunately I kept pulling the aggro off of the main tank, no matter what weapon I was using. Looks like I should buy another 2 hander which is slow for those situations.

Got to 95% XP when they all decided to log off. Went out to Dawnshroud, and with the excellent buffs I had on, I soloed zelniaks until I managed to ding 47.

Moved back out to Abysmal Sea, and did another round of baking. Got another point and am now at 195. Plus, I *finally* completed Alcohol Tolerance and now have a 200 skill. What a letdown – I get no strength points for drinking, only intelligence reductions and swervy running around. I can put away eight ales without too many bad effects – but shoot, I was supposed to get a strength boost ! Can you not increase strength if it’s too high, mine is 193? Bah, how irritating.

Then I got an invite for another LDON, with some of the same people I’ve adventured with recently. We ended up doing a hard collect, with one problem – no bard or enchanter for crowd control. We had a hard time dealing with adds, and we weren’t putting out huge DPS either unfortunately. Maybe it was the different mobs – I’ve never seen any Bloodguard mobs in Mistmoore before, but we got them this time. They were on the Loyals faction too. Anyway, the combat was sucking all of our wizards and both clerics mana really quickly.

It was real hard and in hindsight it’s easy to see the problem. The Wiz and Clerics zoned out quickly for a KEI fix and returned. But they were just gone too long – we should have just kept going and we might have made it. We were missing 4 items, which we did get, and picked up a loss plus a few LDON points. But you win some, lose some, and I’ve got two more folks I’ll call friends after this adventure which has to be good.


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