Posted by: mrrx | September 11, 2004

LDoN Man

Hammerbreaker : 57% XP. Did two LDoN’s, one in Takish and one in Mistmoore. Could not get a group in Grieg’s End like I had wanted, turned on LFG and was adventuring right away – now that’s pretty cool.

The Mistmoore one was standard stuff. Hard collect, we went in and smashed everything in our way, very efficient, done quickly. Got a Bloodguard Soul Ring out of it too, cool.

Got a 2nd group after that and we were not so polished. Had two deaths but we did manage to beat the adventure with only minutes to spare, another hard collect. Our enchanter didn’t have an easy time dealing with adds, nobody would assist me as Main, our shadowknight did his own thing all the time – it was crazy, but we got out of it alive.

Finished the night fishing and pretty well filling up my boxes. Time to do some more baking. Drinking continues constantly, yet I’m still at 198 for Alcohol Tolerance.


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