Posted by: mrrx | September 10, 2004

Grinding Onward

Hammerbreaker : Ding 46, 20% XP. Did some more fishing and drinking in Abysmal, and the end is in sight for booze – 198 Alcohol Tolerance. Lots more fishing to do but that’s OK. I quit when a guildie suggested we go fight together.

Headed over to Dawnshroud Peaks and we fought there with a third person on pickup. Boy, the zone was crowded. Had a hard time finding any mobs, partly because many were green and partly due to overcrowding. Picked up a bunch of Zelniak Meat and ended up with 73% XP.

When my guildie had to log I headed over to Grieg’s End again and joined a motley group of casters. We were a full group but unable to really fight well in Grieg’s. I mean, I’m the tank, at level 45 in a 55ish zone here! I got killed twice and the group broke up. Not discouraged, I hung around in the entryway and saw a shaman come in and joined him. He was a level 65 with a bunch of AA’s, and we ultimately ended up with a full group and commenced destruction of everything in our way. Could only do the entryway area as groups were camped deeper but the experience was good.

Much later the group broke up and I logged, with another level under my belt. Right now I’m thinking to get to level 48, and retry the Coldain Ring #2 quest, hopefully with a little help from friends.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 21, 50% XP. Bandit camps in Paludal. Teamed up with a warrior and a rogue and played ghetto healer. God, I love being a shaman – did a fair amount of healing, passed out appropriate buffs when able, did some nukes and some dots, slowed a couple but we killed em so quick it wasn’t smart to do, mixed it up with melee weapons, and left heavily encumbered and sold stuff. About three more levels of this then off to Hollowshade – I have Sonic Wolf paws to collect still.


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