Posted by: mrrx | September 5, 2004


Hammerbreaker : Spent some time baking and fishing and drinking in the Abysmal Sea. Still doing it in fact. Made 194 in baking and Alcohol Tolerance, fishing is approaching 150. Ran through 3 100-piece runs of Abysmal recipes which finally broke my baking skillup drought. Costs about 100 plat per 100 pieces to bake; imagine what it would cost if I didn’t fish myself.

Woundbane : 1% XP, Ding 32. Went with a guild group down to Dalnir, the hot spot for this level range. Got really good XP, was just fun and silly for quite awhile – two 3oish clerics and a 64 for powerleveling. Just managed to make 32 when we ran into the Kly.

He charmed our entire party and we all ran around inside Dalnir getting killed one by one. Nobody was sure exactly what to do; we just watched ourselves moving around. I went conveniently linkdead in the middle of this, and eventually we got high-level help for corpse recovery. It was fun but it was also a long night.


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