Posted by: mrrx | September 3, 2004

The Swimming Warrior

Hammerbreaker : 57% XP. Grouped up for a little while in Chardok with guildies. Got a nice earring for Littleoak with mana and a clickie snare; one less spell to memorize is what that should mean.

They all logged off early, so I took the time to start my epic. First thing I got was Sword Hilt #1. (Well, actually has a nicer name but I don’t care). Went back home to the Feerrott. I kind of miss that place, no other zone is quite as swampy and as much like home for an Ogre. Ran through Rathe Mountains to Lake Rathetear, and swam to about the middle of the lake. Right in the middle is a large tower and the Aviaks are all around the area standing guard.

I swam down directly underneath this tower for a few minutes and looked around, and enventually saw a bag sitting on the ground, picked it up and I had my Hilt #1. Swam back along the same route until I was in PoK again. Piece of cake.

Hilt #2 was in zone Timorous Deep. I had no idea where that was. After some questioning of guildies and looking around I figured out the best path – Wayfarer camp to North or South Ro, to Oasis, to dock on Oasis, talk to the gnome, and translocate to Timorous Deep. Took a bit of running around, got attacked by a couple of easy mobs, and ultimately made it to the right zone.

So then I appear on the dock and find myself on Ogre Island. The inhabitants are all green cons but dubious, so I don’t look around much. Consulting my map, I see three islands in the southwest corner of the zone and begin the swim to them. One of them has a chessboard on it with my sword hilt sitting next to the king piece. Holy Toledo, is that a long swim. It just took quite a while, like 15-20 minutes, to reach the two smaller islands.

Both islands are covered with Raptors – dark blue cons, which is not good for a solo warrior. I swim in a circle around both islands and eventually realize there is no chessboard on either island. So I swim up a bit to the larger island, and bam, there is the chessboard. I grab my Hilt #2.

Swam back to Ogre Island and made my way to the Wayfarer’s camp and logged off.

Next steps for the epic :
First, procure three gems –

  • Diamond
  • Jacinth
  • Black Sapphire

These are pretty expensive in the bazaar, so perhaps I can get them as drops. Except, they drop in places like the planes.

Second, I need to get to Dreadlands and camp “A Mountain Giant Patriarch” until I get the Giant Sized Monocle.

Third, I need to get to the Plane of Fear and get “Ball of Everliving Golem”. Now this will be difficult as all hell, and will definitely need guild help to accomplish this.


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