Posted by: mrrx | September 1, 2004

First real raid

Hammerbreaker : 25% XP. Participated in a guild raid in City of Mist. Pretty much a pick up raid – we had enough people on that we finally decided to do it. Moved to the middle of the zone, where there is some locked door that you need to get a key to, and two people had keys. Entered this room and waited for Dark Reavers to spawn.

The mobs went down quick, one after another, and I hardly needed to beat on them. It’s only a little different being in a raid than in a group, but the experience is split up among the entire raid apparently. Managed to eke out a mere 5-6% XP. Still it was a lot of fun, we got the Jade Seal or whatever was needed, also got in some practice being in a raid setting.

Littleoak : Ding 10. 25% XP. Continued knocking down mushrooms and bugs to level up. Standard stuff discussed previously – he’s following the same path as Hatereaper here.


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