Posted by: mrrx | August 31, 2004

Dumb Purchases

Hammerbreaker : What an irritating mistake. Nearly all of my hard-earned bazaar cash is now spent – buying two Fierce Heraldic armor pieces, which Hammer cannot use. Now I need to resell them and hope I was right, that these were under-priced when purchased.

After making this error, I spent much of the night getting my trader ready. It’s been awhile since I had her up. Moved a lot of stuff around and now have about one bag full of things to sell, and a couple other bags with Abysmal seafood. Did this since guildies all camped out at about the time I logged on, which admittedly was late. Will start my trader again later today as the server went down last night for maintenance.

Also made a few smarter purchases. Bought a SOW potion (10 dose), some invisibility potions, and refilled on bandages and food & drink.

Littleoak : 35% XP. Did some soloing in Paludal, not hard at all, just a matter of doing it and moving up. One more point of forage is always welcome.


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