Posted by: mrrx | August 27, 2004

And yet more practice

Tezcatlipocca : More skill practice. Now at 80 in divination after a couple of clarity’s begged and much casting. I had been using sense animals because it’s mana cost is only 5. I did get really annoyed with the extra casting time needed to use this skill, so instead I switched to serpent sight which costs 10 mana, but recasts much faster.

Stood around in the Plane of Knowledge while doing this. Buffed and SOW’ed anyone who came by and asked; even received a nice donation from one player. Hit everyone nearby with Serpent Sight. And strangely, late in the evening, someone cast a spell which told me to “Begone!” and sent me, alive, back to my bind point outside of Paludal Caverns. How does that happen ?

Also got free beer from GM’s working in the PoK and now Alc Tol is up to 36.

Killing creatures ? Huh ? Nope, haven’t done any of that recently 🙂


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