Posted by: mrrx | August 23, 2004

Hammer returns

Hammerbreaker : Ding 44. 60% XP. Got a call to travel to Chardok for a guild group so I made my way there (So much for City of Mist!). Not easy to get there! Begged a SOW first, then had to run through Field of Bone to Firionia Vie. After a short jaunt through the tunnels – IE, did not have to worry about the spiders – I pass into the Dreadlands. This was a tougher run but I avoided any trouble. The Burning Woods almost got me killed as I ran right past a dragon-looking thing and several other mobs which I didn’t get a great look at. No time for sightseeing on this run.

And at last I’m standing outside Chardok, looking at all these dark-blues standing around outside of a fortress. There’s no way I’d get inside alive. But guildies ran out, invised me, and I hooked up with the group.

Once inside we stood directly in front of some castle-like structure and pulled like mad. Or just stood there – sometimes roamers would come by and we’d have a bunch of creatures to fight. As I was off-tanking I used the Steel Rod of the Knight again and skills continued to increase using this thing. Was a good fight – I was lowest level but still did well especially pulling adds off of the casters. Did this for a couple of hours, got close to my 44, and then the group broke up.

Afterwards, I thought I would check in and see if I could get a good LDON – a chancy proposition at best, but I wanted to try. Surprisingly I ended up doing two of them ! Got involved with a great group who didn’t have the “I have to do a HARD” mentality which was perfect. We banged out two normals with no problem, I got my level, and now have 23 career wins.

Now I need to seek out ? Silentwalker? in Dagnor’s Cauldron for my next information. Better find out just where this guy is at. And if I can keep up this kind of pace with XP earnings I’ll be high enough soon to get the second Coldain quest finished.

Woundbane : Ding 31, 10% XP. Did a guild group in Dawnshroud Peaks pulling Zelniaks and wolves. Talk about overkill – two clerics in the group, plus a high-level cleric hanging out nearby to assist with heals. Nobody died, even on the massive overpull which got our tank down to 5%.

Tezcatlipocca : Still practicing. Didn’t feel like making the run to the PoK, so I had him stand there in the bazaar and practice until his clarity ran out. Made 70 in abjuration skill; getting closer, finally, to a 90. Have -zero- in divination and something around 70 in conjuration still so lots of practice necessary.


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