Posted by: mrrx | August 20, 2004

Back to the Bandits

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 20, 50% XP. As I entered Paludal from the Shadowhaven side I got an immediate invite into the bandit camp group at B1 (The first camp) and stayed there all night. I struggled to keep the big temp’d Ogre healed and to hit the group members with as many buffs as possible. Getting a much better feel for a shaman’s duties within a group, and enjoying it.

Ended the night overweight and with a full inventory. Still need to practice spell skills.

Hammerbreaker : Yes, I dusted off my highest character again (L43, 21% xp) and checked out what’s going on with guildies and friends. Eventually, ended up alone and decided to check out the Emerald Jungle.

This is a zone off of the Field of Bone, and it’s a jungle, but with a huge cliff running the length of the west side of the zone. You zone in on top of the cliff. To get to the bottom the only safe way is with a staircase near the north end of the zone. I didn’t feel too safe running down this staircase.

Stayed up top and took on some mobs. There are giant mosquitos which are safe and good XP for a solo warrior, but the Errollisi Bloodthorn almost killed me. The mobs seemed a bit thin on the ground.

I’m not sure what to have Hammer do. City of Mist ( inside this zone) is a hotspot so it might be nice to go there. On the other hand one death will set me waaaaayy back so I’m scared to explore.


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