Posted by: mrrx | August 19, 2004

Hanging out in the PoK

Tezcatlipocca : Still practicing spell skills. Made 60 in abjuration, standing outside the main bank in the Plane of Knowledge. There was a GM there telling stories and getting the players to jabber about game lore. I stood nearby and cast spells on anyone I could, and begged clarity from nearby enchanters. A lot of folks were appreciative, and I did get several buffs slapped on me from other players.

Until some nice cleric repaid me for my buffs with a big old Temperance. No way was I going to waste this, sitting in the Pok practicing spell skills. Armed with Temp I ran back into Paludal caverns to try some soloing. It worked, but not terribly well. I ran into the center of the caverns and snuck past a lake full of light-blue Plerg fiends. The dark-blue Patog fiends were in there. However, the light-blues were wanderers and kept becoming adds whenever I was fighting. Ended up with maybe 24% XP when I gated out. Logged off after getting to the entrance of Shar Vahl.

I think I’ll make my way back to Shadowhaven and enter Paludal from there – I have about another hours worth of the Temp buff. I should be able to wander the shores of the big lake taking out fiends, and once the buff wears off I can resume spell skill practicing.


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