Posted by: mrrx | August 18, 2004

Much Practice

Tezcatlipocca : Worked exclusively on spell skills. First, ran him around the crater in Shar Vahl, wasting the worms and everything else until Evocation reached 90. Got quite a few of the valuable silks, a stack of bone chips which are always nice, and several xakra bile for sweetwater potions. Strangely, not a single scorpion dropped the scorpion blood I need for that same potion. Eh, I’ll probably end up destroying the bile then but what can you do.

Two down, three to go. Moved on out to the Plane of Knowledge, begged a clarity, and stood near the big bank casting buffs on anyone who held still long enough. Mainly though, cast Inner Fire on myself for abjuration skillups. Abjuration hit 50 by the time I got disconnected, and I called it quits at that point.


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