Posted by: mrrx | August 16, 2004

Spell Level!

Tez : Ding 19, 10% XP. Got another bandit camp group in Paludal and ran with that for 2 hours or so. The group broke up because it got really late. Boy was I weighed down with all that loot, but sold it off & grabbed 200 plat from the bank. Afterwards, I chased down the spells allowed at level 19, which included some more DOT’s, more powerful buffs, and couple new buffs. I didn’t get the shrink or enlarge spells though.

While thinking about what to do next, I realized I needed to get going on spell skills. Even after all these levels, Tez has some low spell skills. So it’s time to work spell skills up to, say, 90. Alteration (94) – check. Evocation – (75). Divination – (0). Not even sure if I have a divination spell. Abjuration (26). Conjuration (70ish). Long way to go here.

So I ran him out to the Shar Vahl crater and hunted the worms with my Frost Rift spell. If I’m gonna practice skills at least I can work it where I get some money as well. Got a couple of points and also some silks, before all the worms were gone. I logged off for the night.


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