Posted by: mrrx | August 11, 2004

Quests done; time for leveling

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 17. 40% XP.

Started the day off by getting good advice about how to fight underwater. The key being to find a place to stand, preferably flat, at the bottom of the lake. I stood by the bandit camp B2 right on the floor of the lake, pulled the wetfangs with a DOT spell, and immediately rooted them. I kept them rooted throughout the fight – this was a bit difficult as it really chewed through my mana, but it was a sure way to kill the stupid things. After awhile I got the wetfang eyes I needed.

Gated back to Shar Vahl, turned in the eyes, and finished the Dar Khura quest #3. Got started on #4 – and found out I need to go to Hollowshade Moor and kill Sonic Wolves. These critters are *really* tough, mid-20ish levels, so I decided I need to level up to 24 first before I even think of trying this. And what better place to level, than the bandit camps in Paludal ?

Got an invite to camp B2, spend an hour and a half there, and gained about two full levels. Had more stuff than I could carry, was very encumbered. Managed to stagger out to Shadow Haven and logged off.

Nice people I was grouping with. I kept the tank-types healed and that was about it. I was basically a ghetto healer. I wanted to buff them and maybe I should have, but I was saving mana for heals and sitting to regen it faster. It looks like I need a spellset for buffs, in addition to one general purpose one. That way I could have buffed everyone quickly, rememed spells, and waited around to heal. Especially, I should have done my short-term buff on the tanks. Well, tonight I’ll do it that way.


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