Posted by: mrrx | August 9, 2004

To the 3rd quest

Tezcatlipocca : 36% xp. Still Level 15.

Finished the Abysmal pottery quest. Didn’t take too long; to make things via pottery requires two combines, and while I didn’t count it felt like both combines counted towards the tally needed to move on. So gated back to Shar Vahl.

Turned in the clay jar I needed to make, and finished Dar Khura quest #2. I am now officially an apprentice.

Next I began the Dar Khura quest #3. You meet Fharra Cawfeet, who is a healer and has need of a potion made from Muck Covered Hearts. I knew exactly what this was, I have destroyed enough of them over the months in Paludal. So I ran him over and started collecting these things. It was easy – the muck diggers were all green or light blue. It took twenty hearts, but ultimately I made the required potions. Next I get sent to Myhdi (sp?) in the Alchemists’ building next to the bank. What does she want ? Wetfang eyes, found in ……….. Paludal Caverns! I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

So I ran to the Shadow Haven entrance to Paludal. Just after the bandit camp is a gigantic lake, so I planned to sit somewhere on the lake and pull wetfangs. I got saved by the Bandit Campers after two of the bandits decided to cut me up into fish food. Then I started to fight the wetfangs.

Man, meleeing in the water sucks. You can’t stand with your head above the water, or the fish swim away. It’s hard to stand underwater as you get pushed and pulled around by the combat. The fish have that graphical glitch where they go up and down along the Z axis like crazy. You have to take care not to drown. You’re always suddenly facing the wrong way. Did I mention that this sucks? In any event, I collected 4 of the 8 eyes I needed. The wetfangs at least are dark blue and giving maybe 3% xp per kill, so it’s not all bad.

Then somehow I find a recondite attacking me. Great. Could not get lucky & kill him, nor could I flee, so I died. Spent a long time on corpse recovery, memmed a gate spell, and bound myself out in Shadow Haven. Hunted a couple more wetfangs with no success getting eyes, so I logged out for the night.

Additionally, I’m now a member of a guild. Seems like a young guild but any is better than none. Met a few people in the caverns who were guildies, or were allied with our guild. Haven’t actually grouped with anyone though.


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